The worship of the beast is here; Western civilization and Revelation

(This is a repost as I accidentally posted my unedited script first.)

Today we’ll go a step further from what I talked about in our previous Sabbath lesson where I asked this question: which god do you really serve? Today we’ll talk about the worship of the beast spoken of in Revelation.

The view I present to you today is unlike anything you’ll hear in a Christian church and it may be quite offensive to some in the Western audience, which by the way I assume is most of my readers. So I ask that you keep an open mind and seriously consider what I will present to you in this lesson. You must have a mind willing to face the truth, no matter how difficult that may be. Understanding these things may just save your soul.

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Filipina vs Western women

I’ve got a serious and important topic to discuss today, one which will unveil many of the problems between men and women in the West in modern times. This is a must read for women in order to understand what was lost in terms of your femininity and respect for men. It’s a must read for men in order to be able to stand firm in your masculinity and understand why you’re having so much difficulty with Western women. I will discuss some fairly new concepts here.

This is also partly a response to The Filipina Pea and her videos regarding the Passport Bros including this one.

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Singleness is godliness

I’d like to talk a little about being single and how to find spiritual peace in that condition. This message is primarily geared towards men as I believe that women have different needs, though women may still benefit from this message in some ways.

This is a message of encouragement for men and a call for men to pursue spiritual virtue instead of women or the flesh.

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Sabbath lesson: which god do you REALLY serve?

Today will be a part 2 to my post entitled “What are the gods?” and although it’s not a prerequisite that you have already read through that, I highly suggest reading it for some compelling background information and context about what the bible and religion are truly about. Some of these concepts are quite esoteric for most people.

I have this question for my readers: what god are you actually serving? The god that we claim to worship or serve, or the church we belong to, often has very little to do with the god we are serving through our actions. Our eternal lives are at stake so it’s crucial that we understand who we’re serving.

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Straight talk to men part 2: about control; contemptuous, religious, and innocent (?) women

Today I’d like to offer a part 2 to my post entitled Straight talk to men and offer some more practical advice on how to deal with and choose women.

This will be quite red pill and some concepts are closer to something you’d hear from the manosphere than from a traditionalist. Nevertheless, these things should be said in order to educate men (and women) so that we can again regain the correct order between the sexes.

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Weather warfare pictures: does anyone else have a problem with this?

I’m currently writing a guide to “chemtrails” or geoengineering but in the meantime I’d like to show some satellite pictures and pictures I personally took in Florida with this question: am I the only one who notices these atrocities perpetrated against us in plain view? This will be quite short and mostly pictures.

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